An attractive business woman talking on her cell phone and writing something down in her notes.

12 Questions to Ask–Before You Quit Your Day Job

Do you have what it takes to become a solopreneur?

Starting your own business requires a huge level of responsibility and you get all of the risk. Gains or profits are likely to be delayed. It’s not the right choice for everyone. What about you, Could you do it? Yes? No? Maybe?

Consider these questions. Your answers might help you avoid making a massive mistake or encourage you to take the leap you yearn for. Answer truthfully–it’s only yourself you will fool if you’re not honest.

YesNo14Am I able to delay gratification to achieve a goal?

YesNo14Do I recognize good ideas and initiate projects?

YesNo14Am I a person with the kind of energy it takes to get the job done, consistently and no matter what?

YesNo14Do I complete projects successfully?

YesNo14Do I work effectively and efficiently without supervision?

YesNo14Am I good at being in charge?

YesNo14Do I like being in charge?

YesNo14Can I negotiate and compromise? Without guilt?

YesNo14Can I hire and fire?

YesNo14Will I fire, even if it’s a friend or relative?

YesNo14Can I delegate?

YesNo14Can I critique work, constructively, to get what I need from the worker?

There are no right or wrong answers here. If you gave mostly no answers, likely solopreneurship is not your best choice. Many prefer the structure and stability of holding down a job and for the immediate future, you might want to stay put or consider a career change rather than a change to solopreneurship.

If more of your answers were yes, then you have additional options to consider. It’s likely you are a risk taker. Consider whether you have a talent for handling risk and explore where that talent might take you.

Regardless of what your answers say about who you are at this moment, remember that business owners, of all kinds, are pursuing an avocation that requires more than a taste for risk. Reach out to successful business owners you know. Look for mentorship, build your leadership skills, and find a business niche that touches the passion in you.