About CaZ …

caz180framedCaZ is a writer, teacher, computer geek, publisher, and speaker who lives at the beach and dances the Carolina Shag. Ok, so there’s a lot more to CaZ than that. What’s important to know is that all that I do, from a business standpoint, is about you and helping you to achieve success. I bring an eclectic combination of experience and knowledge to bear for you.

  • Natural teacher with an innate gift for explaining complex technology in an easy-to-understand way.
  • Talented writer and editor with broad experience, including technical writing, web and traditional copywriting, e-books, training and course content, business writing, journalism, and even fictional short-story and novel writing.
  • Significant background in graphic arts, sales, marketing, creating and delivering adult education, copywriting, and running a small business.
  • Created my first webpage back before the world wide web had pictures.
  • Infinite patience and grace under pressure as evidenced by more years working for clients than employers.
  • Spent five years teaching computer classes on cruise ships (Awesomely cool—ask me about it).

More than 20 years ago, I left the corporate world to hang my shingle as a copywriter and trainer. As a solopreneur, I found professional fulfillment while filling client communication needs with effective, results-driven copywriting and by helping adult learners gain needed technology skills to advance their own careers. I’ve never regretted choosing the non-traditional road.


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